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Programming Crestron.

In order not to waste your precious time I will get right to the point.

Why exactly the project

What is its unique feature thanks to which it stands out of all other companies programming Crestron?

Let me start with the experience.

More than 50 successfully concluded projects, including technically demanding, realized with the help of a great number of connections, modules, integrations with different systems and equipment such as:

-Cisco, Polycom, TrueConf, LifeSize (videoconferencing);

-Bosch, BKR, DIS, TELEVIC (audio congress systems);

-BeckHoff, Siemens, equipment with BACNet, modbus (climate);

-KNX, Clipsal, HDL, G4, Domintell and so on (automation systems).

-audio/video devices of different manufacturers with different control interfaces RS232/485/422, Ethernet with well-known protocols and possibilities of its listen in contact. Separate devices for load dispatch, such as Highcross.

Above all listed will finalize projects from any stage if there are source codes and write new ones if there are none.

One more advantage of is competitive price and saving your money as a result. Here is some more information about this.

It is not necessary at all to have a full-time programmer to carry out the project. Often a lot of projects drag on for many years, sometimes they are frozen, and all this time you need to pay a full-time programmer while, represented by the individual programmer, will execute a full spectrum of works on a “turn-key basis” for a cost stated in advance. That is, you pay only for the work, which is done, and not for loafing about with nothing to do!

Complex services of firms, which specialize on “smart house” system installation, are ten and even one hundred times more expensive than an individual programmer services! Such an enormous difference is due to the huge markup for equipment, services, brand, etc. We do not do things like that! offers the highest quality and reliability of performed works, affordable cost, respect of completion strategy and free warranty service during one year!


Scope of application

Office, meeting room

Smart Home

Home Theatre


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