Education Crestron


Training rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums. 

Audio and video information management and distribution. 

Crestron gives an opportunity to equip presentation halls with maximum comfort, to make auditoriums convenient for organizing classes with a big screen, using a set of a projector and a screen or a plasma screen. 

Certainly, everyone knows or remembers from their study experience at educational establishments that a teacher coming with a laptop had to spend at least 10-15 minutes only for setting up! And after that - if it was necessary – they had to connect this system with another device, a camera for example. Here we should note that they could not escape a procedure of reconnect as well as adjusting image resolution and so on. Added to everything mentioned above there might be a storage with a media player for viewing different video files, which is usually accompanied by a net of wires and causes much fuss and trouble. But this all could be avoided with pressing only one button, saving a lot of time, if there is Crestron! 

Sensor panels used for control can be installed on the walls, built in the tables or can be detachable. 

Connecting of a laptop is done with the help of a special slot built in the table. Just one press and here the lesson starts! 

The Redford University situated on New-River is has more than 30 classrooms totally managed by Сrestron. Projectors, screens, illumination, audio and video signals distribution – and this is not the full list of automation. 

The Higher Management School in California is a standard of ergonomics and easy operation of audio and video distribution systems, as well as operation of engineering systems, and fully can call itself a Smart Education System! A multimedia system of presentation by Crestron, which is set at every department, gives an opportunity to organize gatherings and meetings easily inviting other educational institutions without fear of presentation failure caused by some technical difficulties.

Crestron programmer of AntonLoginov.PRO project will implement Crestron programming according to your personal technical specifications and sample of individual user interface (UI).