Scope of application

Crestron programmer

The control system based on Crestron can rightly be called universal! Spheres of its application can be limited only by one’s fantasy. Today most of orders on installing, setting up and programming Crestron (Crestron Programmer) come from government agencies, offices, healthcare institutions, situation centers and higher education institutions. Also there are a lot of those who seek comfort in their house, automobile, yacht or private jet, among the customers. 

Crestron helps to deal with optimization of work processes successfully, significantly reduces electric power consumption, and creates the most possible convenient conditions for life, negotiations, watching movies, listening to music, climate control and many others. 

All this functional can be activated with only one touch!

Crestron programmer of AntonLoginov.PRO project will implement Crestron programming according to your personal technical specifications and sample of individual user interface (UI).

Office, meeting room

Smart Home

Home Theatre



Situation Center

Luxury Transportation


Museum, Exhibition

Crestron programmer, examples

House in center  2330 m2

Programming and setup Crestron.

1. Control lighting (Dali, DMX512, 0-10В, Crestron Dimmer, Crestron Relay) – 550-600 group

2. Control curtains, shutters, transparent windows – 40.

3. Audio multiroom – 30 zone

4. Video multiroom – 17 zone

5. Control climate (set temperature air, heat floor (3 mode)) through BACNet – 20 zone.


Equipment – Din AP3 - 9, CP3 – 6, PRO3 – 1.

Relays, Dimmers and gateway  DMX512, Dali  in each electric box DIN-AP3.

Video matrix  DM-MD32x32 (8G, Fiber, HDMI).

Audio multiroom  SWAMP8x24+SWAMPE8 (3).


Apartment on the Petrovka - 500m2

Programming and setup Crestron.

1. Control lighting (KNX -> BAOS772) – 50 group lighting   + 22 group for each step stairs.

2. Audio multiroom – 10 zone

3. Video multiroom – 5 zone


Equipment – PRO3. + control card C3COM3  – 3.

Relays, Dimmers and gateway  DMX512 for connecting CRESTRON-KNX

Video matrix  GEFEN 8x8 TOOLBOX.

Audio multiroom on base video with de-embedder and AV Receiver in zone(2 zone for audio).